The Plan

In case you wanted to follow along with my Year of the Detox, here is a basic outline of how the year will go. More specifics will be included as the particular months approach.

January – Get Hydrated

February – Get Moving

March – Replenish Enzymes

April – Supply Myself with Supplements

May – I’m sweet enough without the added sugar!

June – Go Organic

July – Detox my surroundings

August – Love my digestive system

September – Anti-inflammatory month

October – Bare essentials! Keeping my skin clean

November – Liquid Life!

December – Rejuvenation of the spirit and release of stress

As you can see, I have quite the year ahead of me! The basic idea is to have one, master goal for each month and have several rules to achieve that goal per month.

For example, in January my goal is to Get Hydrated. To achieve my goal, I will need to do the following:

1. Drink at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of water per day, slowly sipping throughout the day up until 9:00 p.m.

2. Drink another 8 oz. glass for every 30 minutes of exercise that I engage in.

3. Drink another 8 oz. glass if I consume a caffeinated beverage such as coffee (unlikely…yuck) or cola.

4. Drink another 8 oz. glass if I consume any fiber supplement during the day.

I know, it seems like a crazy amount of water to consume, but I seriously need to rehydrate myself before I think I can engage in any detox program legitimately. Each month will build upon the previous. I will attempt to maintain the rules from each month as I move forward, but I will make sure that every new goal is the priority in its home month. I’m hoping that by slowly building, this detox will become habit and something that I can maintain over time and improve my health in a long term way.

  1. I love your plan. It’s simple, and gives you time to build new healthy habits.

  2. One thing at the time is probably the best way to turn changes into habits! Good plan

  3. keep us all updated so we know what to do.

  4. From your description of how you feel, you sound like you have yeast overgrowth. I’m not a big believer of hocky alternative medicine but I’ve been through several yeast detoxes (several because I’ve been bad and not stuck to the plan) and they worked wonders on my health. I’m currently trying another one because I recently got Interstitial Cystitis and suspect there is a yeast link to that too.
    God luck with your quest!

    • Thanks Susan!
      I have been on a yeast detox for 6 weeks before…man, it IS SO HARD! I’m hoping the gradual nature of my plan will make the whole thing a little easier. Whatever is going on in my body, I suspect it has layers and layers to it, this will cover the major bases and I’ll go from there.

  5. Once you get used to drinking all that water you will never go back! I drink 2-3L each day depending on what I eat or drink and my activities.

  6. I love your “February- Get Moving” plan. It is made up of perfect bite-sized chunks! It’s time to make me a priority!

  7. Been thinking – where does sleep come into a detox? Do you sleep well? For me, sleep – quality and duration – makes all the difference as to whether or not I feel “well”.

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