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Welcome to the Starting Line.  This is where I house all the information about my body at the start of my Year of the detox. The information listed here and the information I will collect  at the end of the year, will allow me to see quantitatively how I’ve done. While I might feel better, I’ve always liked to look at studies and papers that include both qualitative and quantitative reports.

Quantitative Measurements: (the bolded ones are what most needs to be changed)

Blood Pressure: 116/76

BMI (body mass index): 32.3 (extremely overweight/ obesity class 1)

Waist circumference: 41.5 inches (Categorized as Obese)

Iron   21     (9-30 umol/L)

TIBC (total iron binding capacity)  50   (45 – 77 umol/L)

Saturation   0.42   (0.20 – 0.50 /l/ug/L)

Ferritin   61   (31-79 = reduced iron stores)

Sodium   138   (135-145 mmol/L)

Potassium   3.7   (3.3 – 5.1 mmol/L)

ALT (liver enzyme)    16   ( < 36 U/L)

Glucose Serum Fasting   5.2    (3.6 – 6.0 Normal Fasting Glucose)

UREA (measure of liver function and component needed by kidneys)   2.7   (2.5 – 8.1 mmol/L)

Creatinine (breakdown product of muscles) 43   (50 – 100 umol/L)

eGFR (kidney function)   > = 90   (>=60  mL/min/1.73m**2)  NORMAL eGFR

Bilirubin     9   (<23 umol/L)

Cholesterol   4.93  (<5.2 mmol/L)

Triglycerides   1.20   (< 2.30 mmol/L)

HDL Cholesterol   1.56   (> = 1.30 mmol/L)

LDL Cholesterol   2.82   (Near optimal LDL level, corresponding to higher rates for developing symptomatic cardiovascular disease events)

Hydroxy Vitamin D   50   (Insufficiency: 25 – 75 nmol/L)

My goal is to balance these, especially the bolded ones, as much as possible.

Qualitative measurements:

  • Constant feelings of fatigue
  • Lower right abdominal pain (tested every which way, but undiagnosed)
  • Some digestive issues
  • Extremely painful menstrual cramping
  • Occasional moodiness
  • Nausea
  • Little to no stamina
  • Weak muscles
  • Feeling bloated
  • Recurrent rash on leg
  • Body acne

If I can knock even a few off this list, the entire year will have been worth it.

It’s easy enough to jot down a few qualitative measures of how you’d like to change your health, but I encourage everyone to go and talk to their doctor about getting some tests done. They can provide a much clearer picture of what is going on in your body.


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