Why refined grains are inflammatory

English: A Loaf of Lifestyle Bakery's Sprouted...

English: A Loaf of Lifestyle Bakery’s Sprouted Grain bread. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we hear the term ‘processed foods’, a little, red flag goes up in our brains that reminds us that we’ve heard those things are unhealthy. Most of us, myself included, don’t often take that extra step to say that refined grains are a part of that group. Processed foods provide empty calories and have been through lots of processing, go figure, which has removed much of the food’s original, nutritional value. The food gets refined and bleached so that most of what is left is starch. That starch is then mixed with sugars and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (we’ve talked about why THOSE are bad) to form a big mess for your body to try and digest.

On some level, the food production companies know this and enrich their products with vitamins and minerals that may have been there in the first place to make you feel better about what you’re eating. You might be eating white bread, but it’s enriched so it must be good for you on some level, right? I’m not too sure about that. For one, their effect on your blood sugar and C-reactive proteins is almost the same as pure sugar. Yep, you’re practically wrapping your ‘healthy’ tuna sandwich in some sugar. Also, wheat and rice contain a family of proteins called lectins. Lectins are known to interfere with your absorption of vitamins and minerals. So, even though your bread is enriched, the lectins may be stopping you from absorbing the added nutrition. Lectins may also be the source of some of the inflammation itself, as some research points to them as a factor in rheumatoid arthritis.

After reading this, you may say that you are glad that you have switched to a whole grain bread in your diet. While there are some advantages to this, they are still a major source of starch. If you are overweight and eating whole grain breads, you are not doing yourself any favours. Even whole grain breads are processed to some degree. I’m not suggesting you cut them out of your diet completely if weight loss is the only thing that you are looking for, but consider doing so if reduction of inflammation is something you are striving to achieve. Some of you, like my dad, may be inflamed because of an overabundance of yeast in your system. Some of you may have mild gluten intolerances, which are causing you to swell up. That is a whole other article on its own, so I’ll leave it at that. These breads, whole or not, have an affect on your blood sugar. Losing weight while battling against your blood sugar issues (ones you may not even be aware of) is nearly impossible.

Have you ever cut refined grains out of your diet? What differences did you notice?


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