Month 9: Reduce Inflammation

When you see the word inflammation, what images come up for you? Most people, including myself, would say they see puffy, red and angry looking wounds. Or maybe just swollen ankles or wrists.  Inflammation is an essential part of your body’s defenses. When you cut yourself, your body inflames in order to get your immune system up and running on the issue. The area around your wound swells allowing multiple white blood cells to arrive on scene. The same thing goes for if you strain a muscle. Your body inflames so that fresh, oxygen rich blood can get to those muscles to protect and heal. This is a true definition of inflammation, but inflammation also happens to be inside your body in places that you can’t see. The inflammation that I am talking about is bodily inflammation that is caused not by wounds or muscle strains, but by the diets now prevalent in North American society.

A lot of people are walking around, right now as you read, with inflammation and they don’t even know it. Inflammation is somewhat handily categorized and hidden in medical terms that end with ‘-itis’. Arthritis, rhinitis and diverticulitis, just to name a few. They are inflammations of a certain area of the body, my examples being  joints, nasal passages and intestines, respectively. Although there are many drugs out there to deal with the symptoms of these diagnoses, few medical practitioners look at treating the cause. In this case, the cause often being diet. People are unique in this situation as far as dietary allergens or stressors, so I cannot claim to have the one, cure-all answer to get rid of your inflammation. However, I can give you a place to start.

The rules for this month are:

1. Avoid all dairy products.

2. Eat 2 servings of cold water fish every week.

3. Avoid refined grains.

4. Snack on raw nuts and seeds.
Dairy products and refined grains are common digestive stressors that lead to inflammation. Cold water fish and raw nuts or seeds help combat inflammation. As we go through the month, I’ll be writing about these things in a more detailed way, but for now, I just wanted to get these down so you can start your month with me.

If you’ve ever gone on a diet to reduce inflammation, I would love to hear your story! Please, do share.


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