Month 8: Be kind to your digestive system

29. colon-cancer-symtoms

Happy tummy! Hopefully mine will look as good as this by the end 🙂


And so begins Month 8 of my Year of the Detox. I’ve already talked about and done a lot as far as helping my digestive system, but the things I’ve done have been to better overall health. This month the things I’ll be doing focus specifically on the health of my digestive tract…from start to finish.

Drinking lots of water helps your digestive system, as does eating foods with lots of enzymes. Exercise helps to massage the organs and I had already added a probiotic course in month 4, but it is worth doing again. As you can see, I’ve already been nice to my digestive tract, but I can do much better.

The rules for this month are:

1. Chew every mouthful at LEAST 20 times before swallowing.

Digestion starts in the mouth with the enzymes that breakdown your food in preparation for the stomach. The more you chew, the easier you make it on your digestive system.

2. Take a probiotic every day.

Good intestinal flora is essential to your gut health, so I will help mine along.

3. Add fiber to your diet, every day.

This can be a tricky one. Everyone already tells you to add fiber to your diet, but if you are constipated already, this will make it worse. I’m going to be tracking my bowel transit at the beginning and end of the month, I suggest you do the same. (More on that, and other semi-gross things to come!)

4. Follow the ‘poop rules’:
– Go as soon as nature calls you
– don’t treat your bathroom like a public library
– use a ‘stool’ stool to get in optimum position to go

So, you may be confused by what a ‘stool’ stool is. Humans were designed to squat when we go and our modern toilets don’t exactly have that as an option. By putting a little stool to raise up our legs a few inches, we help our bowels release as they were meant to.

What do you think? Are these rules doable for the month?

I’ve also planned on getting a colonics session done this month, closer to the end. I didn’t make that a rule because I know that colonics is not in everyone’s comfort zone. I’ve had it done before…it IS uncomfortable, but so is a facial or a bikini wax. I’d rather look great on the inside and outside than just the latter. Wish me luck!


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  1. Hey Jenn: yah fiber! Especially in the summer, fiber is easy, so many vegetables in season for roughage! Also hurray for probiotics: there have been a number of studies that show they do good things, but only for as long as you are taking them.
    A colonics course though… I clicked through and read the wiki you linked to, and then did a bit more outside research. Typically these are only used pre-surgical procedures or colonoscopies. As a health benefit, they have been scientifically rigorously discredited, and can do serious harm. The original idea of their benefit came from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and modern medicine has good evidence against them.
    A happy tummy might be happier without the cleanse, is all I’m saying.

    • Thanks for the concern. 🙂 I’ve done some reading myself and I’ve had a few done before. I found my system to feel refreshed after having it done. I also make sure not to eat sugar for 24 hours afterwards, have some fiber and take some probiotics. I’m obviously not a colon expert, but there are some doctors that are more ‘natural’ minded that advocate them…so I think I’ll take my chances, but I’ll be sure to mention the flip side when I report to the readers. Cheerios!

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