Be a peach, don’t use bleach!

ECB Hazard Very Toxic Symbol

ECB Hazard Very Toxic Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You want those whiter than white clothes? You want that mold gone? You want to poison yourself and your family?

Well, hopefully that last one doesn’t strike a chord with you. If it does, my recommendation is professional counseling!

For those of you who said yes to the first two questions and thought I was mad when you read the third, there’s a reason I wrote that in. Many people use straight bleach or bleaching products in their cleaning routines. This is very dangerous. Think about it. The Germans started using chlorine gas in the First World War to incapacitate and kill their enemies. I know you may sometimes feel like your house is a battlefield of mess you must conquer, but isn’t that a bit of overkill ? When you are cleaning with bleach it gives off toxic fumes. If you are not in a well ventilated area, you could pass out and that is just the start of the problems. Once it goes down your drain it can become an organochloride. These newly formed organochlorides have been tested and shown to be carcinogenic. Not to mention the fact that chlorine alone is corrosive to the skin, eyes and lungs. Some studies have even shown its negative effects on the immune system, reproductive system and it may likely be a neurological toxin. Now how important are those whites?

Does that mean you can never have white clothes again? Absolutely not, there are alternatives. When washing white clothes, use 1/4 cup of washing soda, also known as sodium carbonate. Not to be confused with baking soda, washing soda can be used instead of bleach. *Make sure you wear gloves if you’re going to touch the washing soda as it does have irritant properties.* Toss in a 1/4 cup of white vinegar and you’re good to go!

What about molds? As I’ve mentioned previously in my blog ‘My basic, all-natural, cleaning tool kit‘, vinegar is great for getting rid of molds.

So really, there is no reason to use bleach. It is dangerous for you, your loved ones and the environment in general. It reminds me of when I was young and had my first ‘bleach experience’. I had several fish in this really great, tall punch bowl. I thought I would get the bowl and rocks cleaned up, so I put the rocks in bleach while I cleaned the bowl. After about and hour, and much loss of rock colour, I rinsed the rocks thoroughly. Placing the whole thing back together and the fish back to their home, I went about my day. When I came up to my room that night, all the fish but one were dead. I felt terrible. Knowing there must be something wrong with the water, I took the only surviving fish, Megara, out of the bowl. Once I told my parents, they pointed out my mistake and we threw all those rocks out. Lucky for me, Megara was a tough, hearty broad and I actually had her for something like 6 years afterwards. She was a sucker fish and by the time she passed, she was longer than the kleenex box my dad used to bury her. (She was way to big to flush!) Point being, I’ve known for a long time how toxic bleach can be and I don’t want to expose myself to it, if at all possible. Another point, talk to your kids about the dangers of bleach if you haven’t already. I would even say hide your bleach until they are in their teens so there’s no accidental misuse, like myself and my poor fish.

Does anyone have other toxic bleach stories to share? Or any alternatives they’ve found that I haven’t mentioned?


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