Month 7: Eliminating environmental toxins

Now, it will be nearly impossible to eliminate all the toxins that surround me and I’m definitely not going to be able to live in a bubble for a whole month…unless it was air-conditioned…hmmmm. I can’t do that and I’m not the only one. So, I will just detox on my own personal Jenn scale.

The rules for this month are:

1. Use natural household cleaners including:
-baking soda

2. Avoid scented products for laundry and soaps

3. Spend as much time away from heavy car traffic as possible! It is summer after all.

4. Try to walk whenever possible to avoid creating even more carbon emissions. (Though with the recent heat, I’m not sure this will be often :s )

Since this goal will not be a 100% achievement, my main goal is to educate myself and anyone who reads this blog about certain ingredients to avoid and why. Many of us are not educated in the reading of labels, especially not labels for cleaners. We tend to read the front, see what properties are advertised and just base our decisions on that. Accompanying this basic problem is the ‘green washing‘ that is going on in the industry. Companies finding ways to make their products appear more environmentally friendly and making unwitting consumers pay more for the fancy label. Vote with your wallet and you can make a change, but first it is important to be educated voters.

It reminds me of highschool when my grade was old enough to vote in the election. I heard a group of girls talking about the upcoming election and they were giggling. Why were they giggling, you ask? They had all decided to vote for one particular candidate because he was ‘cute’. I urge you not to be the giggle girls. Be conscientious and vote with every dollar you spend. Not just for the environment, but for you and your loved ones.

I’ve already posted a reblog about some of the chemical ingredients to avoid, write them down and keep them in your wallet so you don’t have to be unsure.

All this typing and I’ve broken a sweat…it’s super hot here in Ottawa…and we don’t have central air. Probably for the best, definitely better for the environment anyway!

The Prop Store of London - LA - Bubble Boy

I think I’d need a bigger bubble!


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  1. Jen this is AWESOME! as for soaps and shampoo and laundry detergents there is an awesome company called Soap Works, they use all natural products and they are all solid soaps…apparently the shampoo and stuff is amazing, but I use the Clay soap and it is amazing. Definitely worth checking out as you are eliminating stuff.

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