If only Freyja were the goddess of sleep…

I am loving my new puppy. She is adorable, does really well with most of training (still some potty kinks to work out) and at night she sleeps in her crate. The only problem is an 8 week old puppy’s bladder is not very well developed.  Every three hours or so through the night, the whining to go out begins. It’s not so bad when my husband is here, he takes her out. But he had to go to Toronto yesterday for a show and won’t be back until late tonight. That meant Mommy was in charge of the night time, pee runs. My problem isn’t Freyja though, it’s my own brain. My brain that has a thing about once I’ve reached a certain level of awakeness, to keep me up for a few hours to ponder what I’ve just done and other things it thinks I haven’t thought enough about during the day. My husband is somehow able to climb back in bed and be asleep in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. It is something I’ve observed in most men. My husband is also a morning person. Another quality we do not share.

However, I have been getting more exercise. Yesterday, though I was exhausted from shooting a wedding for most of the day, I came home and took Freyja out for her walk. She can’t be made to go without just cause I’m a bit tired and sore. Afterwards, I felt pretty good too. Happy to have gone out with my girl and happy that I made the effort to go out even though I was tired. Now, if only Freyja was the goddess of sleep…or powerful puppy bladders. Doubt any of the mythologies had one of those. Wonder what he would have been called…I’m gonna go with Urinos. He he he.


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I'm a Jenn of all trades, as long as they are creative and fulfilling. I'm an actress, writer, photographer and all around social person. I love to learn, travel, meet new people and have new experiences.

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