End of month 5 update

Although I don’t feel all that sweet right now, it has nothing to do with the lack of sugar for the month and more to do with the snow-like pollen floating around outside. I made it! Yay! Anyone who has gone for a period of time without sugar, or anything they love to eat for that matter, can attest to how difficult it can be. Especially with something as addictive as sugar. I mean if a coke-head rat chooses sugar over cocaine, you know there’s got to be something to it! (I read about these little guys…choosing sugar over cocaine in over 90% of the trials!) Now that the hardest part is over, I’m glad that I did it. I will continue to keep sugars at a minimum in my diet and be more aware of them in random things like table salt, but I’m not going to turn up my nose to a little bit of ketchup. You’ve got to live too, right?

Overall, I’d say that the biggest change I’ve noticed is an increase in the flavour of foods I previously thought quite bland. Not having so much sugar has given my taste buds a chance to reset themselves. I also lost a few pounds. Nothing extraordinary, but every little bit counts, right? I sincerely hope that my pancreas had a nice break. It still had to do many other functions and since I didn’t cut out fruits, white breads and rice, it did still have to work a bit with sugars, but cutting down on a potential minimum of 10 teaspoons of added sugar a day, I’d say it had a little breathing room.

Have you ever or are you currently avoiding added sugars? What did you notice? Any body changes, weight loss or something else?


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I'm a Jenn of all trades, as long as they are creative and fulfilling. I'm an actress, writer, photographer and all around social person. I love to learn, travel, meet new people and have new experiences.

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  1. Good for you, losing a few pounds. I’m chagrined to report that when I’ve been off sugar (during Lent for a number of years) I haven’t lost an ounce. It seems like I managed to find things that had just as many calories, even though no sugar meant few processed foods, etc.

  2. I have definitely avoided sugar in the past. I totally relate to your comment about your taste buds waking up, cinnamon was a big one for me without a bit of sugar it always tasted like spicy chalk paste, but two weeks into no sugar (not even fruits for two weeks) cinnamon started tasting like the most amazing sweet thing ever!
    Congrats on the month without sugar!!!

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