Homeostasis and the sugar upset

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What is perfect health? Everyone’s answer could be completely different. Some might say that ‘perfect health’ is when your body never gets sick. I propose that perfect health is when your body has the ability to heal itself by being kept in a balance that allows this to happen. That balance is called homeostasis. It is a balance that regulates our electromagnetic fields and our chemical systems. Homeostasis can be upset by a number of different things, including our environmental stressors like chemicals, genetics, emotional stress and of course, our diets.

Our blood sugar balance is part of homeostasis. Even after fasting for a period of time, our bodies are able to regulate our blood sugar to prevent hypoglycemia. If we eat a lot of sugar, the reaction is the opposite and we are able to prevent our bodies from going into hyperglycemia. In a normal personal, when we eat sugar our pancreas reacts and secretes insulin. The insulin makes sure that our blood does not absorb too much sugar, which could send us into diabetic shock. Ever heard of too much of a good thing? Well, sugar isn’t that great to begin with, so too much sugar can be disastrous over time. If your pancreas is constantly trying to deal with high amounts of sugar being shoved into your system, it will never be able to achieve a state of homeostasis. It will struggle until the point of exhaustion. Eventually, you may be dealing with a pancreas that is secreting too much insulin. When that happens, your blood is not able to absorb the sugar it needs from your foods and your blood sugar drops. Conversely, you may end up with a pancreas not secreting enough insulin and the blood gets over saturated with sugar and you become diabetic.

Your body works as a team, so with the pancreas in distress, the rest of your glands start to secrete hormones in an effort to help the poor pancreas out. As this process isn’t a part of their normal function, they may secrete too little or too much. All these hormones floating around in your body can send your entire endocrine system into a complete disarray.

On top of all these effects, your body can go into a state of inflammation. When your pancreas is exhausted, the proteolytic enzymes produced by your pancreas that are in charge of digesting protein are affected. If this happens, the proteins are not broken down properly to be absorbed during digestion. If they are not fully broken down, then the body thinks they are invaders so it reacts as if there was something toxic in your system and inflames your organs and tissues.

This inflammation can present itself in some of the following ways:

As I look more and more into the effects sugar has on body, I find that I crave it less. Sugar is highly addictive and it was hard to break the habit at first, but I am definitely glad that my pancreas only has to deal with natural sugars for awhile. I’m sure it is glad for the vacation.

How about you? Does all this information make you want to go on a sugar hiatus? Do you think you could if you tried?


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  1. Hi Jenn
    The idea of it intrigues me; just how hard, honestly, were the first few days/weeks. How bad were the cravings/side effects?

    • Almost ridiculous the first few days, but I got by eating some fruit for dessert instead. Get that sweet in. A few food binge dreams and the occasional feeling that I would give up any amount of money to have one bite of chocolate, but now, I haven’t had a craving in the past week and a half at least. I also notice that food tastes different. Things I might have thought bland before, now have a more defined flavor. It’s almost trippy! lol You should totally try it and give your pancreas a little vacay. 🙂

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    The idea of going without sugar is certainly interesting….

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