Sneaky Sugar Surprise #3: Homeopathic medicine granules

Sweet Medicine

This weekend, I was playing softball and I pulled a muscle on my left side. After speaking with my chiropractor today, there is a possibility that I may have torn it off the rib a wee bit. Le OUCH. So I’ve been ice/heating my way through my days, rubbing Traumeel on the area and taking some arnica montana oral homeopathics. When you think of medicine, you think of it as something that is good for you. But did you know that in those little homeopathic tubes filled with granules there are two types of sugars lurking? Sucrose and lactose.

Sucrose is basically the white, crystalline formations we know as table sugar. I read an interesting fact on about sucrose. It said that the world produced about 168 million tonnes of table sugar in 2011. The world census says that there was just shy of 7 billion people on the planet in 2011. That means (I’m hoping my math is right here folks, my calculators don’t go up that high) that there was 0.024 tonnes of sugar, or 24,000 grams of sugar per person was produced. If we use white sugar as the rule, meaning 200 grams to a cup, that is over 120 cups of sugar per person for the year. Holy diabetes! I also feel that most of that was produced for North America, especially since I’ve read that most North Americans have on average a half cup of sugar per day and this is more like a third.

Lactose is a sugar that you probably know of, which is found mostly in milk. It is formed from the joining of galactose and glucose. It makes up about 2-8% of the composition of milk. So, I guess if you are lactose intolerant, oral homeopathics are not for you.

I’m still going to take the arnica, as right now the benefits of decreasing my injury far outweigh my goal of no sugar for the month. But man, I can’t believe that there is sugar in homeopathic remedies. Cough syrup yes, but homeopathics !?

Mary Poppins wasn’t kidding…a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down, whether or not we realize it. Although there is sugar, I’m sure the quantity is not enough to actually affect my blood sugar levels, or there would be a warning on the label somewhere.

Have you noticed a sugar of some kind in any of your medicine’s ingredients? Tip: Look for ingredients ending in  ‘-ose’.


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  1. To avoid sugar pop the pill in water – just one sip of the water is the same as a dose and your pills will go further,too. More on homeopathy here

  2. You may prefer to use liquid remedies, which are in water with a little alcohol. You also can take only one or two of typical homeopathic pills– the labels will often tell you to take more, but for this really dilute medicine, more pills are irrelevant. One way or another, it’s not enough sugar to matter, even for those who are lactose intolerant. If you’re having any milk at all, you’re probably getting more lactose that way. Anyway, best wishes healing from your injury!

  3. Dorcas Ritcher

    Homeopathy, you see, isn’t a drug. It’s not a chemical. So you can drink all you want and you won’t overdose on it. That’s not a defect in homeopathy — it’s a remarkable advantage! It means that while 200,000+ Americans are killed each year by toxic pharmaceutical drugs, no one is harmed by homeopathy. Not even those who are desperately trying to be harmed by it!’

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