Sugar at every turn, literally!

2007–present, notice that the curved lines are...

Every year, my friend Sally and I raise money for the Walk for Kids Help Phone. As a child and in the first few years of high school, I was heavily bullied, so it is important to me that kids have someone they can reach out to. The walks are always filled with great energy, music and t-shirts! I have to admit, I love getting free t-shirts and I’m so glad  the event is back to giving out participant t-shirts this year.

I’ve been doing really well on the whole, not eating sugar. I avoid that section of the store completely and we haven’t eaten out really, so it hasn’t been too hard so far. But today, as I did the walk, there were temptations at every turn! Along with water bottles to keep walkers hydrated, every kilometer or so, there were also people offering mini chocolate bars. Oh…my…gawd. Free and available chocolate. Luckily for me, Sally is also currently avoiding sugar, so I didn’t have to watch her scarf down mini kit kats. Fewf! But after being asked three or four times, my will power started to shake a bit.

The worst part of the day, however, was right afterwards. Most years, Sally and I do our walk and head off to Dairy Queen for a well deserved, ice cream blizzard. After Sally left, I sat in my car dreaming of the sweet and cool goodness of that annual blizzard treat. My dopamine started rushing in,

Ooh, Jenn, imagine how good that would taste right now? You are so warm! You need to cool down. There’s a Dairy Queen on the way to your softball practice. No one needs to know!”

After about 30 seconds believing that I could get away with it, my will power spoke up.

“No! You’ve gotten this far. And think of how gross that blizzard will make you feel for your practice. And what about all of you blog followers? You want to lie to them?”

The answer is no, I DON’T want to lie to you guys. But I’ll be honest, it was a close one!


About msjenniferwalker

I'm a Jenn of all trades, as long as they are creative and fulfilling. I'm an actress, writer, photographer and all around social person. I love to learn, travel, meet new people and have new experiences.

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  1. Good for you that you stuck with it. Kudos!!!!

  2. Good on you! Especially with getting tiny little delicious treats forced in your face all day, that is truly a statement of how strong you are! congrats and keep it up!

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