Sneaky Sugar Surprise #1: Soy Sauce

I was reading through my e-mails and I occasionally get information sent to me from the Spark Community. They are an online resource for people trying to lose weight. Normally, I find their emails very informative, but I have to say that this one was misleading as heck! It read 15 Surprising Sources of Added Sugar. I was so excited! It came at the best time possible, just as I am embarking on a quest to avoid added sugar!

Unfortunately, I found only one of them truly surprising: coleslaw. Now, I have to stop and wonder if it is because I am fairly educated in aspects of nutrition or if the list was a bit silly. I mean, come on. Chocolate milk, sweetened teas, sports drinks, fruit drinks, ketchup and barbecue sauces. Aren’t these OBVIOUSLY products that contain added sugars? Is it just me?

So, I’ve decided to post some sugar surprises of my own. Some will be based on amount of sugar that the product has, which can be surprising, while other will be about the fact that the product has sugar at all. Maybe sometimes it will be a combination of both.

The first YOTD Sneaky Sugar Surprise is: SOY SAUCE

Not all of them have sugar, but for example the No Name brand from Loblaws has sugar listed as the third ingredient just after water and hydrolysed soy protein. Yikes, it’s not even made with whole soybeans. It shows that there are 1g of sugar on the nutrition label for every tbsp. of the soy sauce but I’m not sure what that represents exactly. Considering it is on the list of ingredients though, it is definitely added sugar.

We buy the San-J Organic Gluten Free Tamari. It takes great and is made with organic soybeans. It has no added sugar and has no significant source of sugars listed on the nutrition table on the back. Oh and ps, it actually tastes much better.

Anyone surprised that there is added sugar in some soy sauces? How about the Spark People list, am I alone in my lack of surprise for many of the items they chose to include?



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  1. The list the Sparks people provided you seems like a bit of a waste of time, did they list candies too? You would think if they were trying to “surprise” you they would go with food like soy sauce, salt, most spicy foods, and various other things that don’t taste sweet.
    The first time I did a detox, the most surprising food item for me was salt, that was went I switched from table salt to rock salts like sea salt or Himalayan salt.

  2. This is true. Many soy sauce have sugar in it. Very unhealthy. This is not traditional cooking. Most restaurants use soy sauce with sugar in it. Traditional preparations use pure ingrediants, sugar free, wheat free, but today it is all toxic. It is same with fish sauce. Many fish sauces contains sugar.

  3. Being that sugar is a preservative it will s a misstatement to say that. because sugar and salt are used in conjunction to preserve and flavor foods. If you remove the blood from the meat it will be tasteless because you remove the salt and sugar the meat will normally has there fore sugar is inevitable to avoid. Veggies in the other hand will be the way to go.

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