Month 5: I’m Sweet Enough Without the Added Sugar

Well, here it is. The month I’ve been simultaneously excited for and dreading the most. Dreading because I have a notorious sweet tooth. I love sweet! It is my favourite flavour and my goodness, am I going to miss chocolate. Sweet anything makes me happy! Though I am dreading all the times I’m going to have tell that sweet tooth “NO!”, I am still excited for this month. The reason is I am certain that this month will be the month where I start to see a greater physical change in my state of health. I’ve had to cut out sugar before and I noticed a difference within a few weeks. I fully expect to lose a few pounds of fat, hopefully around my middle where that belly fat is just sitting there going along its toxic way. I also think that gaining a bit more control over my blood sugar will help in that process as well.

Here are the rules for Month 5:

1. Avoid all artificial sweeteners. The only permitted sweetener is Stevia, which is a naturally occurring sweetener that does not raise your blood sugar levels.

2. Avoid all sugars and anything that contains added sugars, including sauces, cereals, dressings, etc.

3. Have protein at breakfast so the blood sugars don’t shoot up at the first meal of the day.

4. Don’t go too long between meals, snack to keep blood sugars stable.

5. Make sure to have a light snack before and after any workouts.

Seems relatively simple when you read it, but I promise it is not as easy to implement. Start reading labels. Sugars and sweeteners are in EVERYTHING. Things you never even thought were sweetened, you’ve got sucrose, fructose or something else in there. My wrist is going to get sore flipping over all those cans and bottles, I’m sure!

While I am cutting out all refined sugars and things with added sugar, I will allow myself fruit. I’ve done this before where I’ve cut out fruits but in the long run, I’d rather keep them in there. The benefits from consuming fruits, in my opinion, outweighs the blood sugar risks. Especially since I am not diabetic or suffering from any other diagnosed blood sugar level issue. For this month, I will however be avoiding fruit juices. As I understand it, without the fiber to slow down the absorption of the naturally occurring fruit sugars, it can wreak havoc on your blood glucose levels.

What do you think, are my rules reasonable? Do you think that you could do this for a month? The rest of the year?



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  1. I think this will be tough – but worth it. It will also have the added benefit of forcing you to eat much less processed food and more natural whole foods. Focus on the positives – what you can eat and love – not what you can’t have. You might still be able to have “chocolate” – just not in the form you’re used to. Chocolate almond milk (unsweetened) for example, I don’t think has any sugar, but it’ll solve any chocolate cravings right quick. You could always stir in a little stevia to make it more tasty. 🙂

  2. Sounds OK to me but I’m not a big lover of sweet stuff…only dark chocolate which is supposed to be good in small amounts. At least with fruit you’ll get some sweetnes! Good Luck!

  3. Chocolate flavoured almond milk actually has quite a bit of added sugars…it’s like chocolate milk. Just one thing about #5, if you would like to help yourself lose some weight I wouldn’t recommend a snack before and after your workouts…we could sit down and go over what could have either before or after depending on your workout to ensure your blood sugars remain balanced. Good luck!!

    • That would be great.
      I had read that having a banana before a workout and a little protein afterwards was a good practice to keep my blood sugars balanced. Is that not true?

  4. I agree with the others, it will be hard but doable. You might have to rely on good old oatmeal for cereal because I think there is sugar pretty much everywhere but like Sally said making food from scratch will just be good for you!

  5. No, Meghan, there really is an unsweetened chocolate almond milk, even though most of them have a lot of sugar. The only trouble is that it is kind of bitter. I agree with Sally about trying it with stevia. I’ve also made smoothies with it and a banana, which adds a lot of sweetness. I prefer Westsoy unsweetened chocolate soymilk (not bitter), but our local stores have stopped carrying it.

    I was proud of myself for not eating sugar during Lent– but then a friend told me that he hasn’t had it in YEARS. Sigh. I guess that shows it can be done, though.

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