It’s not easy drinking green: chlorophyll and the detox

Chlorophyll Texture

Chlorophyll Texture (Photo credit: Anderson Mancini)

I’m sure some of you have looked at my goals for this month, saw ‘drink chlorophyll‘ and immediately wondered, why? It may be that you haven’t heard the word chlorophyll since grade nine science class. I have been drinking chlorophyll to help increase my body’s detoxification process. Many of my glasses end up with a green tint to them and when I wash them (we don’t have a dishwasher) the water turns greenish. I’ve managed to have chlorophyll every day so far, except for one. 10/11 isn’t bad.

What is chlorophyll? Consider chlorophyll like the life blood of plants. It is the vital component that allows plants to turn light into energy, otherwise known as photosynthesis. (There’s that flash from grade nine science again!)

Chlorophyll has been known to have health benefits for humans, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, chlorophyll can help speed healing. Oddly enough, one molecule of chlorophyll is virtually identical to a hemoglobin molecule from human blood! This makes chlorophyll very adept at oxygenating red blood cells. It helps remove drug residue from the body and also helps to get rid of pollutants more quickly. This has made chlorophyll a very popular supplement for smokers. There are also some claims that chlorophyll is an anti-carcinogen because of its ability to fight free radicals that may cause cancers. Along with all of these potentially amazing health benefits, it’s renowned for its apparent body odour elimination capabilities.

The chlorophyll I’ve been using is in the liquid form. In order to be stable in this form, it must be mixed with something like vegetable oil. Mine has chlorophyll, water and vegetable glycerin on the ingredients label. Other ways to consume it include freeze dried or fresh from source, like eating some alfalfa sprouts, although it won’t be as potent. I have to say, I have trouble drinking my serving every day. Chlorophyll is NOT that tasty. They do produce flavoured varieties, I’ve mostly seen mint. I tried that one…it was even worse! If you have trouble with your chlorophyll, just dilute it in a lot of water. That way you are getting your water intake and chlorophyll intake for the day. I’m also thinking that when I need to replenish my chlorophyll supply that I will look for the tablets. I didn’t see them the last time I went looking, but perhaps I’ll be able to find them now that I know what I’m looking for. With all of these benefits, I definitely want to find a way to take my daily dose of chlorophyll for the rest of the year, and not hate doing it.

Do you take a chlorophyll supplement? Any tips?


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  1. I have a chlorophyll concentrate that tastes pretty decent; you put a few drops of it in water. It’s called “ChlorOxygen” and comes from Herbs, Etc. in Santa Fe, NM. I don’t know if you can get it where you are, but maybe there’s something similar.

  2. do you find these in like a alternative wellness store???

  3. Chlorophyll is great because it can help detoxify our body from the toxins that accummulated inside our body. ‘

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  4. I crave it, on the days that I don’t, I like to believe my body doesn’t need it. I use liquid “Super Concentrate Chlorophyll Trophic” 1 tsp in a tall glass of water. I drink it as fast as I can though, usually about 3 gulps to get it down. But I like the taste.

    • I still am not used to the taste, lol. Maybe one day I’ll get there. Thanks for sharing!

      • The one I have doesn’t really have a taste. It does have a smell though. I find if you don’t really breathe through your nose, you shouldn’t taste it, hence why I drink it quickly. It may be the brand that you are using, as I believe you mentioned it’s mixed with oil?

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