Lamenting my consumption of the ‘King’

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Today my husband and I went to catch an early showing of “The Hunger Games“. It was fantastic! I thought that, as a treat, I would let myself have some of the Burger King I’ve been jonesin’ for that they serve at the theater. Oog, big mistake. I actually feel terrible now! Not mentally, but physically. My digestive system is not a happy camper and we had to walk quickly back from the theater afterwards, if you know what I mean. (The people out there with IBS certainly do!) I also feel all achy and sore. This will really keep my motivation up. I know I mentioned in an earlier post about a craving shift, and it is so true. The next time I want to treat myself, I will head to somewhere like The Green Door, a vegetarian restaurant in the city. They are pricey, but their meals are so delicious and packed with nutrients. If I could afford to, I eat there on a highly regular basis.

My husband and I used to have something we called ‘Fat Fridays’. Now, it is not at all related to Fat Tuesdays, in case you thought I was flashing him for beads or something. (Hm…wouldn’t that be interesting…) We would pick something we knew was laden with fat and eat it while watching a movie or something similar. We were trying to live by the 80/20 rule. You know, eat healthy 80 percent of the time and junky 20 percent of the time. Well, today is Friday and I think I’m going to head over to Rainbow Foods my most closely located purveyor of organic and healthy foods, to grab some stuff for dinner instead.

It’s too bad that the majority of what they serve at the theater IS that type of food. I have to sneak something in if I want to be health conscious. Isn’t that incredible! I wonder how long it will take before the theatre starts to have healthier options available for their patrons? Probably not for a long time. I imagine few people waddle up to the counter and ask for Kale Chips. I wonder if the option was there, would it be worth the theater keeping it in stock. I know it probably wouldn’t be as cost effective as the huge mark-up they have on sugary sodas or salty popcorn, but would it keep people happy knowing the options were there?

What do you think? If the theater did, in fact, carry healthy options, and I mean ACTUAL healthy options, would you buy them?


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  1. I know what you mean; it might taste good–at the moment –but you will always pay for it in the end!

  2. I would definitely buy them and I think others would too.

    But buy and demand and condition is rough. first you setup what products are offered – get people conditioned to crave them when in a circumstance ( ie the movies)

    then if removed you know for a while people will complain about not having them. and if you had ex: kale chips and the rest normal – most people would conditionally go to the old habits.

    Youd have to make a radical shift in offering completely healthy options that still felt like a treat and give people enough time to condition themselves to it. plus it’d have to be in all chains. because if just in one – most people would go elsewhere instead.

    and finally, its sad to say that its probably not goin to happen, as marketing and billion dollar companies will always be able to out market and out price for shelf space.

    People complain enough as it is for price of movies and food. they certainly wouldnt be up to paying extra for health foods.
    Which i think is my lament I repeat a million times. : Why the EFF is junk foor cheap and health food pricey. You have to make the good stuff affordable to people!

  3. I wanted to treat my daughter, and she chose Burger king (veggie burger) it was awful, we are still talking about it 8 moths later. We had just moved to the states and I wanted her to have an Amercan experience, never again for us.

  4. Burger King always reminds me of being in London Euston waiting for a train home. After a long day it always seemed like a good idea. It tasted ok at the time, but I always felt sick later.

  5. Some theaters in LA do carry healthy options: unsalted nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit sometimes, and herbal teas. But to be honest, these days I’m liable to just not snack at all during the movies and then just enjoy a nice lunch or dinner afterwards!

    Ugh, that BK. I had a junior Whopper about two or three weeks ago on a crammed-jammed day when I had no time to cook or even eat a sit-down meal. I felt terrible for a good 24 hours after that. It’s actually toxic, isn’t it?

    • lol Trust L.A. to be on top of healthy snacks at theaters. It will be awhile before that trend hits north of the border, I’m sure…and even then it will probably start in BC and Slowwwwwwwly work its way over to Ontario. I may just have to move to L.A. 🙂

  6. This isn’t along the same lines as movie food, although I do have to admit that I am totally conditioned to get some popcorn and licorice when I am there I just can’t resist. But if you are looking for other vegetarian and healthy restaurant options Zen Kitchen is really good. I had a bit of a mishap (allergic reaction) there, but the food is vegan organic and as local as possible. It is definitely on the pricey side of things but it is a nice restaurant to treat yourself to. So if you aren’t as allergy riddled as I am I strongly recommend trying it out.

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