Enzymes and Disease

Without getting into it again, I am trying to improve the condition of my health. I’m not sure what is wrong, it seems to be a bit of a medical mystery right now. However, all the water I’m drinking, the movements I’m doing and now the enzymes I’m ingesting should improve my overall health. According to the research I’ve been reading all these enzymes should also help my body in preventing diseases. Of course, there is evidence that the most significant precursors for disease are genetics and environmental conditions, some of that potentiality can be curbed by the consumption of enzymes. Not only that, enzymes can help in curing you of the afflictions you already have.

I didn’t really understand how enzymes and disease interacted until I read about cancer, chemotherapy and the enzyme, as explained by Hiromi Shinya, MD.  When a cancer patient receives chemotherapy, chemicals are released into the system that kill off cells. Now, the cells are killed off indiscriminately, the good with the bad. The hope is that the body will produce new cells that are healthy and the cancer cells will just die off. While receiving this chemotherapy, your enzymes are on overdrive. Enzymes from all areas of the body decrease in production as your body tries to produce enzymes to create new cells. Other functions that are not necessary, such as hair growth, are put on hold. That is why people who receive chemotherapy lose their hair. It just goes to show you how important it is to keep your body steeped with enzymes.

I happen to know someone who had cancer twice in his life and both times, he eradicated it with a combination of healthy habits, especially of the dietary nature. One of the treatments he used was the Gerson Therapy. I’ve heard lots of bad press about this therapy, but having known someone who went on the therapy and beat cancer, I have to say my skepticism is no longer present. Also, all the research I’ve been doing on enzymes makes a strong case for it. I don’t want to get into it too much here, but I’ll embed this video with a brief descriptor and some examples of successes achieved through the therapy. Do some more personal research yourself and decide what your opinion is.

This is not just the case with cancer, but with many other diseases

“…diseases of ‘unknown cause’ can sometimes be traced back to dietary history.” – Hiromi Shinya, MD says in his book, “The Enzyme Factor”

It is so strange to me that in the past when I’ve visited my doctor, more dietary questions were not asked. In his research, Dr. Shinya found that people who developed cancer had a long history of a diet filled to the brim with dairy, eggs and animal protein. He also found that the earlier these foods were introduced into a person’s diet, the more likely they were develop cancer. (This is something his research can show more easily because he practices not only the United States, but in Japan where the dietary habits are becoming more and more North Americanized.)

So why aren’t doctors prescribing more healthy foods instead, like broccoli? Well, I think it may have to do with two reasons.

1. It seems to me that the focus in medical school is more on pills and surgery.

2. Vegetables do not have ‘veggie reps’ that visit the doctor’s offices with the latest and greatest new veggie that has shown to help people in trials…though you ‘run the risk of severe headache, nausea, heartburn, seeing dead people, sudden fits of laughter and walking on water.’

Pills and surgery have their place, no doubt, but they are not always the solution. Sometimes, they mask the cause by dealing only with the symptom. As far as I know, enzyme based treatments for cancer are more popular in Europe than here in North America. It may be awhile until it receives the press it deserves. Until then, I think I’m going to go eat some baby carrots.

What do you think? Have you, or someone you’ve known, used enzymes to fight disease?


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  1. This is a very thought provoking article. I know with all my heart that we are what we eat. Yes, cancer can be cured with a change of diet, the correct vitamin supplements and of course the most important part of all, a positive mindset that believes. Gerson Therapy is a lifestyle and I too have seen it work twice on people without those crazy harmful chemicals. The key here is not to wait till you have already exhausted your body with chemo to try the alternative. Give yourself a fighting chance by starting it right away. Just my opinion.

  2. I would say the two points you made about doctors and medication has some basis of reality. But obviously not so clear cut.

    I was editing a video for the heart and stroke foundation and the doctor was talking about specifrically the fact that he talks with people about prevention foods and diets. Most people dont want to give up the foods that they already consume. Then for ex: they have heart disease and then finally once they have it that get motivated to try and reduce the risks. but sometimes even that is not enough and they go back to old habits.

    Most people aren’t interested in drastic changes of their lifestyle they just want the quick and dirty easy way. But I hope that your website will invoke thought into the mainstream and hopefully aid people to conisder new habits to enhance their life without feeling ‘deprived’.

    • I agree that it is not clear cut, doctors do sometimes talk about diet when it has reached that level. The unfortunate thing is that it has to reach that level before it is brought up.

  3. ps Check out Kombucha – in regards to raw and enzymes etc and fighting disease.

    I loves ‘dem ‘der drinks! –

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