Craving Shifts

Captain Vegetable would be proud!

It’s a two fold title, that one. The shifts in food cravings that I’ve already had and the shifts that I am still craving. I love words! But seriously, I have noticed a change in the foods I am craving as a result of incorporating more raw and fresh foods into my diet. I always thought that I had a decent diet. One that included many vegetables, but most of the time they were cooked. Now, while that actually helps make nutrients available to your body in some foods, it often sacrifices enzymes in the process. For example, sweet potatoes or legumes are cooked so that the nutrients can be properly absorbed by your body but this is not the case with all vegetables. Consciously including raw foods in your diet, you need to be creative. A salad at every meal will get boring if it’s the same one every time. Since I’m not the cook in my relationship, it means I have to step up. I’ve been trying new recipes that are completely raw. Some elements I like, others, not so much. My husband needs to work on this ‘adding a raw element’ thing. I love him dearly, but when I ask him a few times in a row what the raw component to our meal is and he replies, “Uh…baby carrots.”, it is not evidence of a mental shift for him and it shouldn’t be for you either. (Note to husband: I love you!)

Trust me, I know what a pain it can be to prepare something you are not used to, especially if the kitchen is not your favourite room in the house. But give it a little effort, you might be surprised by the things you find. For me the surprise was that my cravings are starting to shift. I say starting because I still crave some sweets, but not nearly as much as I used to. My husband bought me some chocolate peanut butter cups from the Bulk Barn and I found myself not wanting to touch them. Normally, anything with chocolate and peanut butter in the ingredient list would be devoured almost immediately. When I looked at them this time, I just didn’t want them. I’ve also found that my cravings for fried food are almost non-existent. Normally once a week I crave a good ole hamburger and fry combo. Again, I can’t even remember the last time I craved that for a meal. This may also have something to do with my watching the documentary Food Inc. , but even that can’t account for the lack of french fry cravings.

I’m starting to crave more and more fresh foods. A similar thing happened when I started drinking water. I never thought I could make it through to 8 cups a day and suddenly found myself reaching 10 or 11 cups without even trying. Sometimes I was actually still thirsting for more. I want to eat something raw at every meal. I like the feeling of energy it has given me. I am craving kale salads, hummus and universe help me, even baby carrots! Now if I can just start craving time in the kitchen, we’ll be all set.

Have you ever experienced something like this? You start off dreading what you have to do and then start to enjoy it, even craving more of it.


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  1. Absolutely I know what you mean! Before I had my intolerance testing done, the thought of cutting wheat or dairy out of my diet was terrifying! But, once I knew that I was intolerant of them, and tried living without them – it really became quite easy because I felt SO MUCH BETTER! Ditto with cutting out eggs, peanuts, banana, and now soy. Now I am in love with almond butter (especially on an apple) and find myself effortless eating way better than I ever have before in my life.
    One question – have you found yourself craving salt at all? Especially with the increased water intake (cause I’ve been trying to do it along with you) – I started to crave salt. It got even worse when I cut all the allergens out of my diet – but of course, that also meant I was eating way less processed food – and so way less salt. But I don’t eat just any salt – sea salt is the bomb – so much tastier and better for me! Sometimes I think I might as well get a salt lick like we used to have for the cows! :S

    • LOL, no, not yet. But when I start to cut out what you’ve cut out of your diet, I may start to crave it as well. You should read the water book I read. He talks all about the necessity of sea salt and iodine to help your body deal with all the extra water intake. 🙂 I’m posting the information now on the READ THEM page.

  2. It’s funny you say that; baby carrots are one of my favorite things to eat. Whenever I’m at work, or on vacation – you can find me with a bag from Trader Joe’s:)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  3. This is very encouraging!

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