Response to ‘Raw.’ by A Lovely Project

I think I need to clarify a bit…I seem to be scaring people with my post about how enzymes MAY be finite. ‘A lovely project’ wrote about Raw on her blog, referring to my recent enzyme posts. Here is her blog and what I wrote back:
‘Wow! What an impact I’ve had, I didn’t mean to scare you!
Firstly, you can get enzymes from sources OTHER than raw food, it just so happens that they are most abundantly found in raw and fresh foods. For example fermented products, they aren’t raw…wine has enzymes…the French like wine, right? :p

The FINITE part of it all is a theory, it just happens that this theory seems to be really plausible based on varying research.

I’m going to TRY and answer your questions, but keep in mind that I’m just learning myself!
1. I think as far as oils go, as long as they are cold pressed, they will have the enzymes. I’m trying a recipe tonight that has balsamic vinegar and it was from a raw site, so I think you’re A ok. I also like to add raw hemp seeds on my salads. Very yummy.
2. Absolutely not, like I said, just adding a bit of raw or some enzyme supplements can be helpful.

The point was not to advocate or scare you into a 100% raw diet across the board. Everyone is different and some people will have a lot of trouble digesting raw foods. Also, sometimes you need to cook foods to make other aspects of them more available for digestion, like potatoes for starch. I just want people to become more aware of their enzyme intake and the things that exhaust/deplete them. Looks like I got your attention. 🙂

Sereda over at blissreturned wrote about raw food, you may want to check out her article too. Cheers!


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