What have you done for your lymph lately?

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Sounds like a strange question, I agree, but if you don’t know why I am asking it, then this is the post for you! An important, yet often overlooked, part of your detox systems in your body is the lymphatic system. So what the heck is your lymph? It is a clear, colourless liquid that is all throughout your body. I already knew a little about lymph, but I was surprised to find out that we have more lymph in our bodies than blood! Three times more. Crazy! Imagine the fat vampires wandering the streets at night if they fed off lymph instead of blood. He he…fat vampires. The lymphatic vessels contain 15 litres of lymph fluid, whereas we only have 5-6 litres of blood.

Now you know that there’s a whole lot of lymph floating around in your body. The question is, why? Well, the lymph fluid circulates all over your body acting like little, trash collectors. Imagine numerous little men in reflective vests, trucking around to one of 600 collection sites called ‘nodes’ to carry the waste products away. The nodes house white blood cells that attack bacteria, viruses and other harmful things. They engulf and destroy them, so you can see why it would be important to remove their waste as efficiently as possible.

Understanding what your lymph is doing for you is important before you can truly understand why you need to do something for your lymph. See, the blood has the heart to pump it around your body. The lymphatic system, however, is without a pump to call its own. To move around your body, your lymph depends on your movement to travel about and to do its work. The flow can increase as much as 15 times during exercise. As my body releases toxins, as my diet changes, making sure that my body is able to move the toxins out as efficiently as possible is a priority. Getting moving isn’t just about losing weight, but about helping your body do the natural processes your sedentary lifestyle have made it difficult to do.

I’ve also been doing something extra for my lymph because I felt that it really needed some extra work. After massages that were supposed to be relaxing, I would feel feverish and slightly nauseous. I figured it might be my lymph after I attempted a ‘Fit Chicks’ bootcamp class and felt the same way that evening. I REALLY got my lymph flowing and it made me feel terrible! I had mentioned this to my Adele (the integrational therapist/energy healer I work with) and she has been working with me to fix that. She recently acquired a machine called the Lymphstar Pro that uses a combination of different energy modalities to get that lymph moving. After a few treatments, I can really feel a difference in my body. It is hard to describe but you can also see a difference in my face and under my jaw. I realize this is not something that is available to everyone, but it is a part of my experience so it’s worth mentioning.

I won’t leave you hanging though! Apart from exercise, there are a few things you can do for your lymph.

  • up that water intake, if you haven’t already
  • dry skin brushing
  • massage
  • nutritional habits that avoid sugars, alcohol, dairy, caffeine, fried and refined foods

But for now, since it is February, let’s just focus on the ‘get moving’ part, shall we?

What have you done for your lymph lately?


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  1. Pretty interesting stuff, and YET another thing I need to think about. Thanks, Jenn!

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