Toxic Tummy: The Estrogen Connection

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Estrogen performs a number of very important roles, and not just in women’s bodies either. It has an impact on both sexes for water-salt balance, digestive enzymes, blood fats and heart function, just to name a few. So if estrogen performs all these tasks, what’s this toxic tummy I’m talking about?

Well, first off, estrogen is produced in many areas of our body. For women, it’s produced in:

  • ovaries
  • placenta
  • adrenals
  • fatty tissue

That last one is the one that can become concerning. Fat tissues produce a specific type of estrogen called estrone. Consider estrone the shotty, mafia run contruction company made estrogen. It works, but it could perform better. When we are younger, our body is able to take that estrone and make it into estradiol. That’s the stuff that makes us the fantastic women that we are and is produced in the ovaries. Unfortunately, after menopause, woman have to rely on the mafia constructed estrone. On top of that, estrone runs a viscious cycle that (much like the mafia) is hard to escape. The more belly fat you have, the more estrone is produced, and the more estrone you have, the more belly fat is stored. It may seem that more estrogen is a good thing, especially as we enter menopause, but it really isn’t. Estrogen dominance can lend to scarier problems like breast cancer. An over-abundance of estrogen is bad for men as well. You’ve seen those men…the ones with what appear to have breasts, or ‘moobies’. Men with excess estrogen are at a greater risk of diabetes, cancers and other health problems. Those are a lot bigger problems to worry about than whether they look good in a tight t-shirt.

We also have to watch our environment and what we consume to regulate our estrogen levels. There are a great deal of ‘xenoestrogens’ that are present in our environment. Remember what I talked about in The dangers of bottled water, the BPA problem , about how BPAs can mimic estrogen. They are xenoestrogens. We also have to watch our diet for ‘phytoestrogens’, or plant based estrogens such as soy and flax seeds. You may have heard about girls starting menstruation at younger and younger ages? These two types of estrogen mimickers are a big reason why.

All this information paints a scary picture but it also reminds us that we can do something about it. If we exercise to burn off the belly fat that is producing this estrone, we will be in much better condition. Being aware of BPAs, as well as how often we consume plant based estrogens will allow our bodies to regain the delicate balance that it may have lost. Since discovering the presence of these estrogens, I have definitely cut down on my consumption of soy products. I also watch the presence of flax in my diet. (ps – whole flaxseeds, you don’t need to worry about. They pass right through you!) I’ve know for some time about BPAs as well. Right now I’m working on decreasing my belly fat. It seems like a never ending process…like I should just give in and pick my “Estrone Family” mafia name…Moonshine Walker? Jack Knife Jenn? Hmm, those sound more like pirate names don’t they! Bahaha Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Cause I’m gonna put cement shoes on the whole “Estrone Gang” see…they gonna be sleepin’ with the fishes. *insert evil mafioso laugh here* Just keep moving!

Where do you carry most of your fat? Is it in your belly region?


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  1. I definitely have my fair share of belly chunk, and generally speaking that is where I gain and lose weight, which makes knowing what my pant size is almost impossible. Joking aside this was a good post, super informative. thanks.

  2. I have a lot of belly fat! It scares me because it seems like the most dangerous place to carry it. It is slowly coming off…

  3. I have belly fat — a particularly stubborn little blob right on top of my upper abdominals as well as the more usual bellybutton-and-below fat. I keep most of my fat in my thighs and hips and butt, though. I don’t particularly enjoy storing it anywhere.

    This was an amazingly informative and useful post. Thank you for the insights on estrone — seriously, I feel like I learned something actual and useful today.

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