Is it time to schedule YOU into your schedule ?

I made it to my second day back at the gym.*insert jubilations here* It was a battle and a half. I kept giving myself excuses about all the things I needed to do (writing my blog being one of them), that I wasn’t feeling great, etc,. but I did it! I saw this great poster on another blogger’s site. Unfortunately, I can’t remember whose it was! I know, I know…bad Jenn! But I do remember the quote and it’s fantastic!

I can’t even begin to say how GREAT I think this quote is! I am constantly telling myself that I will go to the gym tomorrow. “I don’t have time today!”, is the thing I most often tell myself. But isn’t that usually a product of how I have planned my day? I have failed to tell myself that on Wednesday after my osteopath appointment that I need to go the gym and spend at least 30 minutes doing cardio. (Which is what I did today, by the way) It is this failure that creates a situation in which I can weasel my way out of going to gym. I have lapsed back into my condition of ‘excusitis’, which I wrote about in December. (see “I suffer from ‘excusitis’, do you? “) So really, what I need to do from now on is PLAN.

I saw on Nikkianne’s site that she is using a calendar to track payments and that got me thinking about the whole scheduling thing in general. It’s time to put myself and my time to work out in my iPhone along with all my other appointments! So, I’ve made an addition to this month’s goals.

Get Moving Rule #4

Schedule times to exercise but making appointments with yourself in your calendar.

I want to make a habit out of this, so making it a new rule for my detox will greatly help with that! I encourage you to do the same. If you have any objections, write them down. Take a real look at them and see how many of them are viable objections and how many are just excuses that you’ve come up with. You might be surprised at how many of them fall into the latter category.

See, not only do you have to put YOU into your schedule, you also have to make YOU a priority. I have a big problem with this. I am self-employed as a photographer, so anytime I have a potential client come up, the urge is to drop everything for them. I see this a lot with my mom, who is a realtor. If you know any realtors, you know the majority of them will reschedule/drop a lot of things they think aren’t that important for the schedule of a client. I agree that sometimes it is the case that you have to re-work your day, but if you never make your health a priority, then you’ll never be healthy. An unhealthy you is no good to anyone.

So what do you think? Good addition to my ‘Get Moving’ goals? How do you make yourself a priority?


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I'm a Jenn of all trades, as long as they are creative and fulfilling. I'm an actress, writer, photographer and all around social person. I love to learn, travel, meet new people and have new experiences.

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