First day back at the gym and its unexpected pleasures

Gym at Work 3Although February is the month to ‘get moving’ and it started several days ago, this is the first day I actually went to the gym to meet my moving goals. Wow, did it ever take a lot of effort in pumping up my will power! I’m also the kind of person who hates to lug a bunch of stuff around, so the whole gym bag thing immediately puts me off. Then I have to remember my water, my mp3 player…the list goes on. Having said all that, I did make it to the gym and found a few things that made the experience pleasurable that I did not expect.

1. Parking space right near the door! Sweet!

On a side note, I always found it funny that people go the gym to do exercise but hate parking so far from the door because they have to walk longer to get there. :p

2. Pleasant chat with an older woman

The time of day that is usually best for me to go to the gym, ie. I’m awake for real, is not when most people my age go. I often find myself surrounded by the ‘geriatric gymmers’ as I like to call them. They are mostly friendly and I dare say, many of them are in better shape than me. They inspire me!

3. Catching up on current events

I never realized the connection before, but when I was frequenting the gym 5-6 times a week about five years ago, I was always up on current events. Now I see that was because of all the tv’s put to news broadcasts! I never watch them at home (I often find them sensationalized and/or depressing) but I can say that I am totally up to date on today’s happenings. All because I went to the gym!

4. Showers are better with ‘victory sweat’

You may be wondering what in heck ‘victory sweat’ is. I actually made up the term today while I was in the shower. I noticed that it felt really good to shower off all the new sweat I created at the gym. I am terming it victorious because every time you shower because you broke a sweat at the gym, you should claim a little victory. You DID it!

My visit was not all roses. I did feel some pain from the ‘spot’ radiating down my leg after my time on the elliptical machine. It bugs me that when I finally make it to the gym, get some good cardio in that my body doesn’t just ache with the goodness of a workout, but HURTS. (Think of the victory sweat, Jenn…think of the victory sweat.) Sigh.

Also, I managed to muster up the courage to ask to have my body composition measured. I wanted to know how much of my body was made up of fat as opposed to tissue, blood, organs, etc. They do this by sending a mild current through your body. Based on the preset measurements of your body (weight, age, height) and how fast the current travels, they can tell how much of your body is made up of fat. The process is called bioelectrical impedance analysis


My body composition…I almost don’t want to say, but I know that hiding it doesn’t change it.

48.7 %

It makes me want to cry. The desirable range is 21-33% in my case. That means at minimum, I am off by 15.7%. Ugh. The trainer who took my measurements seems to think that I would do well at about 145 lbs. lol Which I think is ridiculous. At the height of my fitness, I was 176-ish and working out immensely. I was also watching what I ate. While I appreciate the idea that he believes I

Me at 180 lbs.

could safely make it down to that weight…I don’t think I want to be that skinny. I’d look emaciated !

There’s a picture of me at around 180 lbs. I think I look pretty darn fit. Imaging me 40 lbs. lighter? Ew.

Anyways, all that to say that if I can get down to a healthier weight, I’ll be much happier.

What are the things that make you happy about going to gym? Please share so I can look for these things as well!




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  1. Just to give you some emcouragement, the BIA machine is rather innacurate. It only measures the body fat in your lower body and it is greatly affected by your hydration status. Don’t sweat the number it gives you too much!
    Sara from

  2. You looked amazing at 180 lbs! I absolutely love your blog, it’s really great for motivation.

  3. Hey Jenn,

    I like this month’s goal! Mainly because I’m a total adrenaline junkie, and love the rush after a solid cardio workout. I also find that when I’m more active, I sleep much better: easier to fall asleep, easier to notice I’m tired, more refreshed the next day. So that might be something to look forward to.
    I tend to stay motivated for a workout if I have a buddy I’m meeting, or a team I’m playing with. I use exercise as a social interaction time: instead of tea with a friend, I have a few friends I will go for a jog with.
    If you are a solo work-out kid, then what I love most about a treadmill jog or a few laps are how it clears my head. I may be thinking “why timer, why? why are there still 5 min left?”, or singing in my head to bad pop songs on my ipod, but often I’ll get back to my apartment and realize I’ve solved a problem from work in my head, or have reset my opinion on something that was bothering me.
    For me, exercise is about mental balance more than physical fitness.. but it helps there too.

    and a little note: 5 x 30min of cardio is a lot to jump right in to: for the first week or two, if you are feeling pain (rather than that good ache), consider taking a brisk 45 min walk rather than pushing the harder-core cardio. Build slowly, and you are less likely to injure yourself and have to stop altogether while you recover!

    • Thanks for the ideas and support. 🙂 And don’t worry, I am taking it slow. Yes, it is cardio, but still not INTENSE cardio. The undiagnosed spot will not allow for anything too hard core!

  4. I enjoyed your blog and again, that you for putting my link on Twitter. I think you look pretty good at 180, but you’ll be amazed at how you feel when you lose weight and everything in your closet fits every day. You will know when you’ve reached a weight that is good for you…when you do…lose 5 more pounds as insurance…Good luck, nice blog.

  5. Parking spots right by the door are definitely a plus! But the “victory sweats” are definitely my favourit part of the gym. Since starting to workout I have fallen in love with the way I look when I am gross and sweaty, it is just so satisfying.

  6. Way to go! My favorite parts of working out: 1) the endorphin rush; 2) the minor aches from my muscles that remind me of the fact that I worked out – I take them as positive (gainful) pain!

    I also agree – 145lbs would be REALLY low for you. You were super slim and gorgeous at 180. But most important is how you feel!

    Btw, to encourage myself to workout (cause I have the same problem of hating the hassle), I try to make everything as simple as possible. I pack a “semi-permanent” gym bag – where I leave a mini shower kit (shampoo, bodywash, etc.), a locker lock and my runners and anything else I might need at the gym but don’t use at home on a regular basis. This means all I have to do is throw in clothes and a towel (or even take them in a separate bag). Minimizes the fuss. You could even leave it in your car when its not too cold out.

    Good for you to emphasize the positive! Keep it up!

  7. Great post, I do like the “victory sweats”, I think I’ll use that one – and credit you of course 🙂

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