The dangers of bottled water, the BPA problem

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I’ve been sitting here for the past month talking about how great it is to get hydrated, only mentioning water intoxication as a reason that consuming water could be dangerous. But there’s another water consumption baddy that I have yet to talk about. BPAs. Not scary sounding yet? How about its actual name, bisphenol A? Still not quaking at your keyboard? How about I tell you why it’s so bad and you can get back to me about the quaking.

Bisphenol A (bis-fee-nol) is an endocrine disrupting toxin that is lurking in plastics, especially in the clear ones we buy our spring or drinking water in. It can also be found in canned food containers, beverage cans, as well as dental fillings and sealants. It is a chemical that can mimic hormones in your body, specifically estrogen. It has been linked to problems such as obesity, breast cancers, infertility, prostate cancers and who knows what else it could be affecting!

Scarily enough, although BPAs are banned for use in baby bottles by the European Union and Canada, they are not yet banned in the United States. I’d like to be proud that Canada was the first country to label BPAs as a toxic substance but they are still all over our products…so there goes the pride. Do all plastics have BPAs? Not necessarily. Look at the bottom of your bottle. If it has the recycle codes 1, 2, 4, 5 or 6 it is unlikely that it contains BPA. But if you are using containers or bottles with the codes 3 or 7…you’ve got BPAs my friend.

How can I avoid BPAs?

1. Use glass.

Glass containers and glass bottles will not leach anything into your food, heated, cooled or otherwise.

2. Don’t heat plastic containers or bottles

Heating them allows the toxins to be more readily released into whatever you are consuming. Those tv dinners…I’d stay COMPLETELY away from those. And while I’m at it, plastic wrap should NEVER, EVER enter your microwave!

3. Don’t fill plastic containers with hot liquids or foods

Use porcelain or glass, it’s a much safer option.

4. Buy BPA-free whenever possible.

A lot of items, especially baby related ones, are now labeled BPA free so they are easier to find.

Some people also argue that metal bottles leach into your drinking water, but I definitely prefer those odds over BPAs. So if you can find a glass bottle that you’re willing to carry around, that is your best option. Otherwise, the next best bet is metal and after that, look for plastic bottles labeled BPA free. I suggest reusing your water containers as much as possible, not just for you but to lessen the impact on the environment.

On a personal note, I’ve been able to hold my water intake at 9 glasses of water a day for the past few days…and I still find that I am thirsty! It is so strange to think that a few weeks ago I would have 2-4 glasses of water a day and think that was enough. I didn’t feel thirsty, but I definitely have been having less headaches. I’m sure my cells are starting to plump out, which by the way is the only part of me I’m hoping will have that reaction as I do this detox! I think my skin is starting to react as well. I having breakouts that I don’t normally have. I have a feeling it has to do with my body releasing some toxins it had up in there for awhile. I never thought I’d say this, but yay for breakouts!!

What kind of water bottle do you use? If it’s plastic, is it BPA free?

Have you noticed any difference in your body as you hydrate?

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  1. I am using nestlé plastic bottle water that doesn’t have any recycling codes on it. It just says 100% recyclable with a “u” symbol besid it…I used to have a brita filter system but I found out that the water still made me sick so now it’s just bottles.

    • hm…I’m not sure what the U means…anyone have any ideas???
      I think that you should invest in a glass bottle…if Brita made you sick, you might not do well with metallics. I don’t want you getting sick! 🙂

      • I was on the Nestlé site and found out that their bottles are fine. I should have read better because I was not looking at the bottom of the bottle(like you said) which was marked with a 1. So thanks for the information and I am alright then loll

      • lol, Well, I’m glad it’s a 1, it’s better than a 3 or 7, but if you can somehow finagle a glass bottle, your body will thank you. 🙂

  2. nobodywilldoitforyou

    I got diagnosed with having the bacteria of this in my stomach. Nasty business! Similar feeling to a stomach ulcer. Good warning that a lot of people don’t take serious!

  3. I have a BPA free water bottle. 1L which I bring everywhere with me! I drink about 3L/day on the days I exercise which is usually 5 days a week

  4. I work with environmental pollutants, and BPA is always a topic of conversation. It’s produced through a pretty heavy chemical reaction, and as far as I can find out, it’s not naturally occurring: no bacteria makes it. Interestingly, a few different bacteria have been shown to degrade it, helping to clean up the contamination in soil and oceans that is a result of all of our plastic-contaminated water run-off!
    I ditched my plastic bottles a while ago, as well as my plastic thermos for tea… metal only for this kid if I’m traveling with liquids.

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