The Starting Point

While I wanted to post about this earlier, I wanted to have my dietitian take a look over my lab results to look for any red flags first. Better late than never!

When I decided to do a year of the detox, I knew I wanted to do it RIGHT or not at all. So, I sought out help from a dietitian but also from my doctor. The meeting went really well, as you can read in my earlier blog Support from your doctor. I asked her to request some blood tests for me so I can have the most accurate measure possible of where I am and where I need to be. I suggest that if you are considering any health plan, that you do the same.

These were my results and I’ve included the normal parameters in brackets so those of us without medical/hematology knowledge have a clue what it all means. I’ve also put in bold where I was out of whack :

Iron   21     (9-30 umol/L)

TIBC (total iron binding capacity)  50   (45 – 77 umol/L)

Saturation   0.42   (0.20 – 0.50 /l/ug/L)

Ferritin   61   (31-79 = reduced iron stores)Ball-and-stick models of the two tautomers of ...

Sodium   138   (135-145 mmol/L)

Potassium   3.7   (3.3 – 5.1 mmol/L)

ALT (liver enzyme)    16   ( < 36 U/L)

Glucose Serum Fasting   5.2    (3.6 – 6.0 Normal Fasting Glucose)

UREA (measure of liver function and component needed by kidneys)   2.7   (2.5 – 8.1 mmol/L)

Creatinine (breakdown product of muscles) 43   (50 – 100 umol/L)

eGFR (kidney function)   > = 90   (>=60  mL/min/1.73m**2)  NORMAL eGFR

Bilirubin     9   (<23 umol/L)

Cholesterol   4.93  (<5.2 mmol/L)

Triglycerides   1.20   (< 2.30 mmol/L)

HDL Cholesterol   1.56   (> = 1.30 mmol/L)

LDL Cholesterol   2.82   (Near optimal LDL level, corresponding to higher rates for developing symptomatic cardiovascular disease events)

Hydroxy Vitamin D   50   (Insufficiency: 25 – 75 nmol/L) **You’ll likely have to pay for this one**


As you can see I have reduced iron stores, low creatinine, my LDL is a wee bit high and my vitamin D is insufficient. The vitamin D is no surprise, almost all Canadians or northern dwellers suffer from this. It’s just too bloody cold to soak up the rays of the sun. That is something that I can start to better immediately, however, by taking a vitamin D supplement. In most of my reading the best kind here is D3. My LDL, well, it’s a little high but nothing that needs immediate or drastic action. I will be dealing with it as I start to exercise and eat healthier. I predict a drop in this one easily when I get measured at the end of my year of the detox. 🙂

In speaking to my dietitian, it is more worrisome to have too much creatinine than a little less. Also, I will have to check on this one, but creatinine is partially a breakdown product of muscles…so considering that right now my body composition is mostly…ahem…fatty, that is not really surprising. Last, but not least, my iron stores are a little depleted. I will be speaking to my dietitian to see if this can be upped with diet alone, or see if I may need to consider a supplement.

I think I will create a page with all my starting measurements…that way I can easily compare at the end of the year. Oh my, it’s only January and I’m talking end of the year. What optimism!

Have you had any blood tests recently to see what’s going on inside your body? What were the results. any red flags?


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  1. I had a full blood panel done at my last physical this past December, and everything was totally normal — except for my HDL cholesterol, which is ridiculously high, higher than what it was before I started trying to lose weight! I’m pretty sure I know why that is (besides high cholesterol being a family trait), so I know what I can do to reduce it. Still, after having lost something like 50 pounds, seeing that I’d actually become LESS healthy in some respects was a bit of a shock!

    • Hmmm..well I know that HDL is the GOOD cholesterol, so that is good. I’m no doctor, but maybe your body saw that you were losing weight and was trying to deal with the removal of the cholesterol from your body by producing more HDL….? As long as it wasn’t your LDL that was high, you’re in a much better position as I understand it 🙂

  2. Low vitamin D levels are an issue over here the moment,

  3. Great information, thank you for sharing! I have also shared similar information at

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