Waisting Away: The importance of your waist size as a measure of health

What scientists call "Overweight" ch...

I know some people probably started reading the title and thought, she misspelled wasting! lol Honestly, I felt a bit odd typing it.

As I start the detox, I am looking at different measurements of the state of my health. I’ve already mentioned BMI, in my blog entry “The Importance of BMI in measuring weight loss success“, but perhaps a more important measure is the circumference of your waist. I was getting measured for a bridesmaid dress yesterday and I had to pay an added $65 for extra material. Not just for width, but for height. I’m 6’0”, so I had to add several inches of fabric and in the world of bridesmaid fashion, it doesn’t come cheap. While she was measuring my waist size, it reminded me that I need to write about waist size on my blog!

If you watch any of the medical shows or read any health related books, you have probably come across statements or studies having to do with waist size. All experts agree that belly fat is bad…very bad. If you have belly fat, you may well have a large amount of visceral fat. This is mentioned by Dr. Mercola, of “A thick waist is a well-known sign of a build-up of visceral fat, a dangerous type of fat around your internal organs that is strongly linked with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Another reason belly fat is bad has to do with it’s capability of producing hormone changes within your body. Isn’t that a scary thought! It boosts your estrogen putting you at a greater risk of breast cancer, diabetes and colorectal cancers, just to name a few!

So, what should you be shooting for as far as waist size is concerned? Well, there are a few differing opinions. According to the American Heart Association it’s this:

Men: Under 40 inches

Women: Under 35 inches

However, according to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, it is:

Men: Under 35 inches

Women: Under 30 inches


All this information means nothing until you measure your waist. My measurement? 😦 About 41.5… I just ate dinner, so a part of me is hoping that made it a little bit more than it normally would be. Still, it is not a good number to have. No matter which source I’m looking at, that’s a big ol’ waist. The biggest recommendation to rid yourself of belly fat is…dun dun dunnnnn, you guessed it. Exercise! Lucky for me, starting very shortly in my next month, my goal is to Get Moving!

What is your waist measurement? Are you in a risk category? Not sure where to measure? I found this video by the Heart and Stroke Foundation very helpful.

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  1. While I understand the risks of having a large waist measurement (and mine is borderline according to the AHA guideline) – why is there no consideration of frame size? I am 5’9″ and have a relatively large frame. I would have to lose a MASSIVE amount of weight to achieve a waist under 30″!
    On the upside, I’ve found that working out for about 30 min a day – 20min of cardio and 10min of yoga (and a few situps) – can make a noticeable difference around my middle within about 2 weeks. It’s not big, but feeling a difference can make all the difference! Any plans in the works for how you’re going to go about February’s goal?

  2. Well reading your blog today really started my day on the down side! Of course I had to go and get the tape measure 38.5 yikes and I am not tall.
    I have been doing all kind of exercise since September with very little results! ?

    • Don’t be down! How is your BMI? Look at the two of them together and I would also factor in age. Keep in mind, as we get older, it is harder to effect changes in our bodies. While exercising the same amount in your twenties you may have looked like a super model, if you are past your thirties it will be much more difficult, but you can do it if you really want to! I believe!

  3. I neglected to measure myself and taking photos from the start of my journey but I will do it because I want to see other progress than pound lost.

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