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I had been doing fairly well lately with my pain. I promised myself I wasn’t going to talk about it, but my blog is to inform and the info on me right now is not all roses. The major problem I have is lower right abdominal pain. It is undiagnosed but not for lack of trying. I have had every test imaginable and last fall I actually had an exploratory surgery done. They came up with zip, zilch, nada, nothing. Talking with the surgeon afterwards, he was very candid. It really, REALLY struck me when he said “Surgery doesn’t fix everything.” This doctor really knows what he is talking about, I thought to myself. Funny, I gathered that from a statement that revealed he didn’t know how to fix my problem. I did, however, really appreciate his candor…I wonder if they can lose their surgeon club membership for a statement like that?

Anyways, I had a wicked flareup Monday night. It was so bad it woke me up at 3 in the morning. I was all alone at my parent’s house, so I couldn’t snuggle up to my husband like I tend to do when this happens. That made it worse. So, I sent him an e-mail from my iPhone. I love technology. Though it didn’t feel quite as good, it did make me feel better. I took a Tylenol and eventually fell back asleep. Today, I went to my…Adele. I’m not sure what to call her, she uses the term Integrative Therapist and she works primarily with different facets of energy medicine, but also combines some manual therapy techniques and most recently lymphatic therapy. I know energy therapy isn’t for everyone, but I believe in it and it seems to work for me. My “spot”, as it has been termed, had calmed down and after she worked on it a bit, it flared up. She didn’t touch me much but she moved around the energy and now it is killing me. She thinks my ovarian cyst has returned. Sigh…did I mention I have a history of those? Oh, and ps, there wasn’t one when they went searching about my insides, so that hasn’t been the cause of this ever present pain for the past three years. Adele did give me hope, however. This time, I am making my body a better place she said. I will not give it the excuse anymore that says it’s ok for it do stuff like create a painful cyst. I also will not go on a pill so strong that it caused me to have morning sickness for three months, zero sex drive and a crazy streak of mood swings to get rid of it. No way! My poor husband. I’d like to say it couldn’t have been that bad because he still wanted to marry me, but I know it was.

This time it will be different. I WILL be healthy. I WILL be happy. I WILL inspire those around me to do the same.

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  1. Energy healing and therapy is definitely for me. I found doing shamanistic journeys really helped me discover the root of the problem(s). I highly recommend Karen Osborne at , she also does crystal healing. Her house is full of crystals you would like it there.

  2. Indeed you WILL be healthy and happy! And you are already well on the way to inspiring others!

  3. I love this post! thanks for sharing, and it is awesome how dedicated you are to making your body a happy healthy place for you!

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