Tim Hortons helps to dehydrate with new cup size

Gah! I wrote a whole post about this and WordPress erased the whole thing…let’s see if I can rewrite it…

Now, like any good Canadian I know all about Tim Horton’s. When I get my crave on for Timbits, maybe a little too well. What the restaurant is most famous for however, is their coffee. It is so popular that over the years rumours have circulated about the company sneaking additives into their brew to make it more addictive. According to their website, they have over 600 restaurants in the United States, so some of south of the border may now what I am talking about.

Starting January 23rd, the company will be serving up a larger size of cup to meet the demands of the customer.

“We tested the names of the new hot cup sizes with our guests and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our guests also told us that they love our small eight-ounce cup, so we will continue to offer that size,” said Dave McKay, Director of Brand Marketing for Beverages, Tim Hortons.

The new cup size will replace the old extra large (now downgraded to plain, old large) and hold 24 oz. of steaming, caffeinated cocaine…ahem, I mean coffee. 24 ounces…that’s 3, count ’em 3, cups of coffee. Who needs that much caffeine in ‘one’ serving! Honestly! You are of course reading the rants of a non-coffee drinker, but still. If I were to have just one, extra large I would have to drink 11 cups of water to maintain my water according to what I’ve set out in January’s rules to get hydrated. And if I were to follow the equation I posted in How much water do YOU really need?, I would have to have 18 cups at minimum. 18 cups of water! Ridiculous!

In no way is this a blast on Tim Horton’s, they are just providing what they have been asked for by consumers. I’m also not going to judge the coffee drinker out there whose first thought was, SWEET! But for the sake of yourselves and your health, I encourage you to really consider how much water you drink anytime you load yourself up with that much warm caffeine. Although I can’t seem to find a ratio of how much water you lose per cup of coffee, (*if anyone has this, please post or send to me) all the resources I’ve checked agree, you lose more water than you consume in a caffeinated beverage. You also lose some water when you drink a warm beverage as your body tries to cool your insides down. Yes, the caffeine will help you through the rough part of your day, but things will get really rough once your body has been dehydrated for so long it can’t function properly anymore. Please, balance it out!

So what are your thoughts? Excited for the new coffee or scared to order that much in one serving?

To read more about the new cup release, visit the Tim Horton’s website.


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  1. I love Tim’s cookies but can rarely afford it’ s calories these days.

    At the oposite of the rest of Canada, I have never been a fan of their coffee especially since I’ve tasted a latté. Why do they need so many different size for a cup of drip coffee anyway? I am sure anyone can make a better cup at home. I have an espresso machine and I usually only have one latté in the morning but I NEED it. Sometimes I have 2 but I don’t have any desire to have a coffee out of my home because in the town I live in, mine is the best.

    I don’t know what they put in the coffee at Tim’s but even if it doesn’t make it taste better in my opinion, the drive through line ups seems to grow, there is now 2 of those restaurant in our town, it is just a money machine for the owner. 🙂 You are right it cannot be good to have 3-4 coffee at once!

    My comment is so long that I think I just guest-posted on your blog loll

  2. Meghan Barnes RD

    Just to give a little bit more information on this topic…for people who are regular coffee drinkers, coffee doesn’t actually dehydrate them, it is actually considered part of their fluid count. For people like yourself, Jenn, coffee would dehydrate you as your body isn’t used to the caffeine and would force more water out of your body.

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