Reclaiming the notion of the detox

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I find it incredible to believe that I am only 9 days into my year and I am already seeing changes! Today I managed not only my requisite eight cups, but added on a little over two more and the day isn’t even over yet. I saw that  even though I drank more I wasn’t making as frequent trips to the washroom. I think that my kidneys have finally clued in to the fact that they don’t have flush all the water I’m giving them and they’ve started to allow my body time to absorb more of it. On the other hand, I am also seeing that I am more thirsty than I was when I was drinking less water. I guess once you reset the gauge your body says, “OK, I can totally handle this and more, bring it!”

Today my dietitian sent me a link to an article about detoxes and how they can be dangerous. It does raise some interesting points, unfortunately the copyrights have scared me into not posting the whole thing, lol. Here is a quote, I encourage you to click and read it in its entirety.

By : Carly Weeks

Taken From Monday’s Globe and Mail   Published Sunday, Jan. 08, 2012 4:00PM EST

” One of the most common reasons people go on so-called “cleanses” is to flush toxins out of the body. But there is little or no evidence demonstrating the ability of cleanses to get rid of toxic elements, which could include heavy metals, food additives, pesticide residue or other undesirables found in the environment, said Brent Bauer, director of the complementary and integrative medicine program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn….The liver and kidneys are responsible for removing toxins and waste from the body and experts point out that cleanse diets can impede these organs’ ability to function properly.”

Read more of the article…

Though I’ve never tried a “master cleanse” or something so hardcore in nature, I don’t believe that they would be as effective as my year of the detox. I’d rather take the time to form healthy habits and give my body time to adjust. It’s been little more than a week and already my body is taking advantage of the hydration I’ve been working hard to provide. As mentioned, the kidneys are responsible for flushing toxins out of the body and as I understand it, they do this by making the toxins water soluble. Giving your body the extra water it needs to do this efficiently is a great way to help detox your body. You don’t need to subsist off of laxatives and lemonade!It is sad to me that people resort to suddenly throwing their bodies off kilter and jumping head first into a hardcore cleanse without really thinking it through. Yes, eventually I will be cutting things out of my diet but I am making sure at the same time that my body has everything it needs. I’ve gotten tests done, I’m working with my doctor and a dietitian, not just reading in some magazine that Beyonce lost 10 lbs in 3 days on the master cleanse. Yikes! I am not looking to drop a few pounds and shed some toxins on a week long, fad cleanse…I really want to change my health permanently. I want to reclaim the notion of ‘detoxification’ as something that involves changing habits over a longer period of time for a more lasting detox. A process my body does naturally but in today’s society, needs a little more help.What do you think, are quick cleanses the answer? Have you ever tried the ‘master cleanse’ or something similar? How did that work for you?


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  1. When I see any promise of a quick fix I become cynical. Especially in instances such as people who say “I am going to not drink alcohol for a whole month to help my liver detox” and then proceed, once that month is over, to go back to hammering themselves drunk every single weekend and drinking with every meal during the week. Food needs to be treated the same way – starving yourself for a week and drinking only herbal tea is not going to do much good if the next week sees you heading back to the drive through. Jennifer, It looks to me like you have a good approach to this (and are consulting professionals), and although you’re calling it detox, you are really just looking at creating some better habits. That’s not a detox, that’s good health! Well done with the water.

  2. I agree with you and I am definitely skeptical of “cleanses” that claim to help you lose weight, flush all the toxins out of your body, and rejuvenate your soul in just a matter of days. I mean sure it sounds so appealing but you have to consider the possible long term damage you are doing to yourself, and is losing 5lbs for 7 days really worth gaining back 10lbs the second you start eating and drinking as you normally would. I am all for a cleanse or detox that is supervised and well researched and ensures that you are incorporating all the proper vitamins, minerals and proteins your body needs to function.

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