How do your New Year’s Resolutions stack up?

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I’ve mentioned in other blog posts that I am really inspired by Gretchen Rubin and her “Happiness Project” Here she shares some tips on what questions to ask yourself before making your resolutions to make sure they are lasting ones. I think I’ve covered them all for myself…how are your resolutions looking?

“Forty-four percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and I know I always do. I’m more inclined to make resolutions than ever, in fact, because if my happiness project has convinced me of anything, it has convinced me that resolutions—made right—can make a huge difference in boosting happiness.

So how do you resolve well? This is trickier than it sounds. Here are some tips for making your resolutions as effective as possible.

1. Ask: “What would make me happier?”

2. Ask: “What is a concrete action that would bring change?”

3. Ask: “Am I a ‘yes’ resolver or a ‘no’ resolver?” 

4. Ask: “Am I starting small enough?”

5. Ask: “How am I going to hold myself accountable?”

6. Ask: “Are there any small, nagging issues weighing down my happiness?” “

To see more detail about each of these questions, visit Gretchen Rubin’s Blog.

So how about my resolutions…

1. What would make me happier? I asked that months ago and the answer was a resounding ‘to be healthy’. That is the number one goal of this blog. I also want to help others, which can easily be done if others want to help themselves.

2. My concrete steps? Creating a health plan to follow, consulting health care experts and creating a blog to reach all the people who are looking to make a change, but aren’t sure how.

3. Am I a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ resolver? My nature is divided here as most of my resolutions have to do with DOING something to make a change, rather than abstaining from something. However, for example, my ‘I’m sweet enough without the sugar’ month has to do with NOT eating sugars and sweeteners…I think I’m both.

4.  Starting small enough? I guess it depends on how you look at it. I’m starting small by doing my Year of the Detox in steps, but considering the whole year will be a complete health overhaul…maybe not!! lol

5. How am I to hold myself accountable? You’re looking at it! By opening this journey up to the world on the Internet, I’m sure I will have perfect strangers kicking my butt if I fall off the wagon, not just my husband!

6.  Nagging happiness issues? I think mostly my health…it isn’t small, but it is definitely nagging. Probably also the fact that my health affects every aspect of my life in one form or another.

How about you? What are your resolutions and how do they stack up to Ms. Rubin’s questions?


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  1. I will just continue my journey, I guess I made my resolutions early December lol

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