Harnessing the power of my ‘why’.

I’ve been to enough goal setting lectures and read enough goal setting materials to know that in order to succeed, to really make a change in my life, I need the ‘why’ to be strong enough. What is the why? Sounds like the beginning of an Abbott and Costello routine, doesn’t it? Your why is what will drive you to achieve your goals. When I’m down in the dumps ( I’m sure  I will be at some point) thinking that an entire YEAR of detoxing was a bad, bad idea, my why is what will lift me back up. It will dust me off and say, “Hi, remember me.” Smiling warmly. Then I will say, “Oh yes, I do. Okay…I guess I can do this if you’re waiting for me at the finish line.” And then the people at the mall will call security on the lady who is talking to herself. He he he.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that I have my husband, friends, family and hopefully by that point several blog followers who will be there to lend a hand. But when I’m heavy into May, the “I’m sweet enough without sugar” month, standing amidst racks of chocolate bars while I pay for my gas, it’s just me. Just me and my ‘why’. If my why is not strong enough, I won’t be strong enough.

Looking through some of the blogs hosted on wordpress, I came across one called Towards Healthy Life. It’s author, Julie, states her why in the about section of her blog.

I want to be able to move more freely, have more energy, learn to like exercise, integrate it in everyday life and learn moderation. Most of all I want to be a healthy model for my daughter.”

That last part of the statement is a really powerful one, I think. I don’t have any children but doing something not just for your betterment, but the betterment of someone you live for must be an incredible drive. If you stop and think about it, it is very natural for us to create a ‘why’ list while we set our goals. In society, we are constantly asked to account for our actions and when we are doing something challenging, often we need to be reminded of why we are on that path.

So what are my ‘why’s?

1. I have been sick for so long and I am ready for change. I no longer want to be a victim of

Goal Setting

Image by angietorres via Flickr

my health, but the commander in chief of it.

2. In a few years, I want to have children and I want my body to be in the best shape it can be before I get pregnant. Healthy body = healthy nest for the development of my family.

3. There are so many things that I want to do! Travel, write, photograph, act…the list goes on. My health problems have not only been time consuming but expensive. I’m sure I could’ve gone to Disney a couple times for what I’ve spent on alternative health care.

Those are my ‘why’s. For me, the first two are powerful and the third is a strong follower. Whenever I am having an off day, I will remind myself, “I am the commander in chief of my health.” When it’s May and the gas attendant sweetly asks me if I want a chocolate bar with my fuel purchase, they are on sale after all? I will say, “I want a healthy baby, not a chocolate bar.” Of course…I will be using my inner dialogue voice, I don’t want her to call security.

What ‘why’s have you used in the past or are presently using to achieve your goals? Please share, you may inspire someone to reach their goals!


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I'm a Jenn of all trades, as long as they are creative and fulfilling. I'm an actress, writer, photographer and all around social person. I love to learn, travel, meet new people and have new experiences.

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  1. Hi Jenn, it looks like you want to get healthy because you have to achieve all those beautiful things in your life! It’s great and because you know what you want from life, it makes it pretty powerful “why” too 🙂

  2. Those are very powerful “whys”. Kudos to you. I remember 21 years ago this past October. I was a very heavy smoker. I chose to stop smoking and my powerful “why” was to live to see my two beautiful daughters grow up and get married. I have seen my oldest beautiful daughter get married and I know that I will be around for my youngest. So, yes having a powerful why is what it is all about. You will do it Jenn and we are all behind you.

  3. Sometimes I find that my most powerful ‘why’ is a ‘why not’? When I examine what I come up with for the why not do something healthy (i.e., I’m too tired or lazy or busy or the stubborn inner child voice saying I just don’t wanna!) I realize that those reasons are no good. They can’t possibly stand up against all the good reasons for doing the healthy thing. In my head I picture a battlefield where the ‘why nots’ get mowed down by the ‘whys’. Then I find it a bit easier to find the willpower to resist and persist.

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